Keith Sherwood

I suppose my first recollections of aviation and model building are much like most peoples and come from watching dad and wanting to copy him.

I think my first ever model was a Frog Miles Master and built in one afternoon in grandmas back room. 

Things have progressed somewhat since those early years, not only in the quality and range of models available but my skills in building them. 

I enjoyed working in the aviation industry for over 40 years repairing aircraft instruments but unfortunately the past few years were (apparently?) not very profitable for the company so they decided to give up that side of the business.

A lot of those skills have been gleaned over the years particularly since joining the club way back in 1976 just after it was formed.

After a short stint as junior rep I moved onto competition secretary for while and although the exact date escapes me I'm proud to be the club secretary for at least the past 20 years.

My particular interest lies in WWII allied aircraft mainly in 1/48th but if anything takes my fancy in any other scale I'll happily build those. I'm also quite fond of the older civil types such as those from the 30's and 40's particularly the more esoteric types.

I also enjoy building soft type military vehicles like Jeeps and trucks and being the proud owner of a real WWlI Jeep which gives me enormous pleasure visiting MV shows.

Airshows and museums are another big passion and this also stems from travelling the country with dad.

I also dabble in model railways with a distinct Southern theme.

Hopefully while the eyesight stays fully functioning I shall continue to build what appeals to me for as long as I can.