Luke Flynn

I began my model making journey just over a year ago now, it was in the lead up to my GCSE exams and I was looking for some way to take my mind off exams! So I made a rather questionable looking Airfix 1/72 Spitfire, I enjoyed it so much that I immediatly went and got a Hurricane and a BF109 which were both made the next weekend. I have always been interested in aviation ever since I was small, countless visits to RAF Hendon and several airshows instilled a passion for aircraft. This has been reflected in my models as I specialise in aircraft models, especially fast jets from the modern era. When it comes to scales I have tried almost all of them, from 1/144 all the way to 1/24 scale, but I have settled on trying to keep my models in the 1/48 scale range as that is where I think I produce my best work. 

After 10 or so kits into the hobby I made the bold decision to start a YouTube channel, at the start this was more or less to document my hobby but also to share it with my friends and family... but it didn't stay that way for too long!! The YouTube channel has grown quite a lot and I have continued to upload content that many people can enjoy, and I plan to keep that going!

Please Click on Lukes Youtube Channel where you will find his excellent full build videos